Why do we monitor prices?

We all live in a dynamic world, where the constant we can rely on is the change. Nothing “lives forever” sometimes not even an hour, and guess what? …it changed !

The same happens with the prices: it changes very quickly, and when it changes the competition becomes more competitive than me, because the following phenomenon happens: they sell, I remain with stock, they are increasing their turnover, thus implicitly means increased profit … and me? … I’m staying with goods in stock! Good or bad this is life! So we have come to think of ? …: price monitoring!

So nowadays we have said “Don’t go anymore like this!” … the competition is very high, buyers are becoming more and more qualified and they put more and more value on the price.

Monitorizare preturi

Special offer ! …best price now !

The tendency to buy at the lowest price of a product has become natural.

Thus, the monitoring and setting of the most competitive price by the owners of ONLINE SHOPS became natural. Initially, it was possible to use excel files and visit daily, one by one the competitors’ links … but at one point it becomes impossible to monitor hundreds of your own products with thousands of competing products … and here we are: PRICEVENT! … and from here our story started in what we call PRICE MONITORING!

We analyze millions of our own products and the products of our competitors continuously and we update the prices daily for you. In the morning when you come to work and you have to make financial decisions about the price of your products:

  • We help you to set the right price,
  • We suggest you the right price,
  • We bring you the necessary reports to optimize your store and increase sales …
  • …the rest: depends on You!

Contact us and let’s talk about how to do it!