PriceVent is specially designed for eCommerce retailers, with so many eCommerce shops rising every day it’s a must to be able to monitor your competition in a fast and easy manner. World of eCommerce is moving very fast but even so, only 3-4% of the players are actively track their competitor prices. This numbers is increasing every day, we know in a near future those who will be able to be up to date with competition moves will be one step ahead.

One way to utilize technological advantage in business is through automation. This means replacing time consuming, repetitive tasks with  sofware solutions that execute these tasks with little to no requirement for human intervention. PriceVent will offer you this technological advantage, after you setup your account, every movement of your competitor will be tracked, price change alerts will be sent to you according to your settings.

You will be able to analyze your competitive landscape by any segmentation you desire(brands, product categories, price range), including custom segments based on your individual needs, such as specific competitors. Advanced reporting allows you to see historical pricing patterns and compare pricing tactics over the entire product lifetime.

Up to date information on competitor pricing allows you to negotiate more successfully with suppliers, and be aligned with promo prices from suppliers, promos you can miss due to workload. PriceVent will promptly give you alerts when competitor prices will drop with custom percent you can setup. Another way PriceVent helps you business is in reducing operating costs, there is no longer need to spend countless hours of resource manually monitoring pricing. You will know when your products are priced too low allowing an increase in margins and when products are priced too high and you don’t sell enough on that segment or specific product.

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